Stargate SG-1Vala’s consciousness returns to SGC, this time inhabiting Daniel’s body. Carter has found a way to reproduce the effects of the Ancient communications device, using the readings from Daniels and Vala’s previous experience. The timing could be better, since Daniel was supposed to accompany Gen. Landry to a meeting with the Russian and Chinese representatives to the IOA – a meeting where Gen. Chekov announces Russia’s intent to take back the stargate it has been loaning the SGC and begin its own program, apparently with Chinese support. Although Chekov does suggest to Landry that alternate arrangements could be made . . . perhaps involving a Deadalus-class vessel of the Russians’ very own?

But Vala has much of significance to report, and recounts her experience since she arrived in a village of Ori followers. She was rescued and taken in by Tomin, a devout follower of Origin, who believed her arrival to be a gift from the Ori. Vala tried to be inconspicuous, but that did not stop Seevis, the local strongman, from accusing her of blasphemy and chaining her to a bench in the village square for three days. That she became pregnant by apparently miraculous means did not help either, and she married Tomin so as to avoid calling furhter attention to herself. She later discovered that Seevis was testing her – he is a leader in the local resistance, and there is much resisting to be done. The Ori have built ships and recruited an army, including Vala’s husband, to destroy the nonbelievers in the Milky Way. And they are ready to launch the invasion . . . somewhere, the Ori have built a working supergate.

Order the DVDswritten by Robert C. Cooper
directed by Robert C. Cooper
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran), Tim Guinee (Tomin), Daniella Evangelista (Denya), Michael Ironside (Seevis), Garry Chalk (Chekov), Tamlyn Tomita (Shen), Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Harriman), Alex Dafoe (Halstrom), Doug Abrahams (Prior), Dan Shea (Siler)

Notes: Vala wound up back in the Ori galaxy during SG-1’s efforts to destroy the Ori’s previous supergate in Beachhead. Shen hinted to Daniel that the Chinese might be ready to make a move to set up their own program in The Scourge.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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