Arthur’s Mantle

Stargate SG-1Mitchell finds Carter working overtime in the lab, trying to analyze a device recovered from the Ancient repository in Glastonbury. She manages to activate the device, which puts both of them out of phase and thus invisible to everyone at SGC. They hope that Daniel, who was once out of phase himself, will be able to see them, but they have no luck. Daniel’s experience does ultimately come in handy once Dr. Lee collects more information, as Daniel recognizes what’s happened to Carter and Mitchell. They work out a rudimentary form of communication using the Ancient device, which exists in both dimensions. And on Carter and Mitchell’s side, the device is a display with Merlin’s notes . . . including a gate address for a world where Merlin hid information concerning a device that could destroy ascended beings.

SGC is not uneventful during the crisis. They receive a signal from the Sodan, and Teal’c leads SG-12 to investigate. They find the Sodan village wrecked and the Sodan dead, except for a mortally wounded Haikon. The team’s efforts to return to Earth for reinforcements and medical supplies are thrwarted when the teleportation device is sabotaged; the team is attacked soon later. Teal’c realizes that their attacker is using the Sodan cloaking technology, so he cloaks himself in an effort to find the attacker. Teal’c delivers what should be a killing blow to Volnek, the warrior that Mitchell once wounded in battle. But the Sodan soon rises, looking very much undead. Haikon recovers enough to tell the SGC team that a Prior told Volnek that the Sodan would be punished for their refusal to serve the Ori. Soon after, he fell ill and began to behave irrationally; eventually he slaughtered the entire village. Mitchell decides he’s had enough of waiting around and decides to try to help Teal’c. Carter soon receives more company when Dr. Lee accidentally sends Daniel out of phase. While cloaked, Teal’c is able to see Mitchell, but he remains intangible. This makes him the perfect bait for a trap they hope will send the possessed Volnek to his final rest . . . as long as the SGC doesn’t reverse the phasing process too soon.

Order the DVDswritten by Alan McCullough
directed by Peter DeLuise
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Harriman), Bill Dow (Dr. Lee), Jarvis George (Volnek), Tony Todd (Haikon), Eric Breker (Col. Reynolds), Doug Wert (Maj. Hadden), Darren Giblin (Conway), Andrew McNee (Technician), Morris Chapdelaine (Prior)

Notes: Mitchell wounded Volnek in Babylon. Haikon declared that the Sodan had renounced the Ori in The Fourth Horseman, Part 2.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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