Soldier For The Empire – Part II

Star Wars: Dark ForcesAfter learning what happened to his father, Kyle Katarn tells Jan Ors, the Rebel woman who he allowed to escape from the communications outpost, that he has changed his mind about service to the Empire. But before he can put any more thought into his defection than that, he discovers that he’s being watched – and so is Jan. Kyle throws his lot in with the Rebels as they make a hasty escape from the cruise ship, and winds up on the Empire’s most wanted list soon afterward. Jan takes him to meet Mon Mothma, a Rebel leader who assigns him to what may very well be a suicide mission – Kyle is to infiltrate an Imperial research facility and steal the plans to the Empire’s next doomsday weapon, a mobile space station called the Death Star. Mon Mothma also assigns Jan Ors to back Kyle up – or, if she sees anything that gives her even the slightest suspicion of betrayal, to kill him.

Order this CDwritten by John Whitman
based on the book by William C. Dietz and Dean Williams
inspired by the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces
directed by Peter Moore
music by John Williams

Cast: Randal Berger (Kyle Katarn), Mo Collins (Jan Ors), Bob Davis (Skorg Jameson / Lando Calrissian), Chris Forth (Mon Mothma), Christopher Bloch (Rosco Ross), Virginia Burke (Courier), James Cada (Sergeant Major Hong), David Chase (Morgan Katarn), Patrick Coyle (Nathan Donar), Gary Groomes (Governor Donar / Major Horst), Allen Hamilton (Jerec), Peter Moore (Meck Odom / Slyder), Tim Russell (Captain Thrawn, A-Cee / General Mohc), Ken Hiller (Narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green