Rebel Agent – Part I

Star Wars: Dark ForcesFive years after the fall of the Empire at Endor, Kyle Katarn slips away on an unauthorized personal mission to Nar Shadaa, and quickly draws the wrong kind of attention – bounty hunters have been hired by Lord Jerec to literally bring Kyle’s head to the dark Jedi. In this case, they’re hired by a droid dispatched by Jerec to ensure that the job gets done. The droid has tried to enlist the best of the best, including Boba Fett himself, but when he turns the job down, less experienced mercenaries try to take Kyle out. Jerec’s droid taunts Kyle with a disc containing an encoded message from his father. Kyle takes reckless, death-defying risks to shake off or dispose of his attackers and reach the disc, but at a high cost. Fortunately, Jan Ors has taken on an equally unauthorized mission to follow Kyle in case he winds up in trouble. Remnants of the Empire quickly converge to capture Kyle, and even when Jan rescues him, he has suffered critical injuries.

Order this CDwritten by John Whitman
based on the book by William C. Dietz and Dean Williams
inspired by the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces
directed by Peter Moore
music by John Williams

Cast: Randal Berger (Kyle Katarn), Mo Collins (Jan Ors), Mark Benninghofen (Luke SKywalker)), Susanne Egli (Princess Leia), Chris Forth (Mon Mothma), Tim Glovatsky (Boba Fett, Bar Bouncer / Grentho), Virginia Burke (Norley), David Chase (Morgan Katarn), Patrick Coyle (Bounty Hunter 2), Nancy Crocker (Sariss), Stephen D’Ambrose (Pilot / Boc), Wendy Easton (Female Bounty Hunter), Jeff Gadbois (Doctor), Gary Groomes (Gorc), Allen Hamilton (Jerec), Tom Keith (Captain Jerg / Rolanda / Goon 1), Timothy Kuhlmann (Yun), Michael Levin (Duno), Peter Moore (Nij Por Ral, 8t88), Bob Otto (Majordomo), Cliff Rakerd (Pic / WeeGee), Martin Ruben (Maw), Tim Russell (Bounty Hunter 1 / Captain Zyak), Bill Slichter (Goon 2 / Orderly), Michael Tezla (Rahn), Ken Hiller (Narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green