Star Wars: Dark ForcesKyle has to talk fast to convince the Rebels on the planet to trust him, but by the time he has gained their trust and continued his mission to the Valley of the Jedi, Lord Jerec has already taken control. But the Dark Jedi’s occupation of the Valley isn’t without cost – he hopes to tap into the residual power from the spirits of many Jedi who died in an epic battle there, but the spirit of a Jedi who befriended Kyle’s father is defying death long enough to help him – and to show one of Jerec’s proteges the power of the light side of the Force. Kyle’s unseen mentor warns him against using his hatred and joining the dark side, but when Jerec takes Jan Ors prisoner and calls on the Valley’s power to battle the fledgling Jedi Knight, can Kyle resist the lure of vengeance?

Order this CDwritten by John Whitman
based on the book by William C. Dietz and Dean Williams
inspired by the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces
directed by Peter Moore
music by John Williams

Cast: Randal Berger (Kyle Katarn), Christopher Bloch (Lt. Aagon / Bouncer), Mo Collins (Jan Ors), Mark Benninghofen (Luke Skywalker), James Gaulke (Han Solo), Susanne Egli (Princess Leia), Chris Forth (Mon Mothma), Patrick Coyle (Speeder Pilot / Imperial Co-Pilot), James Cada (Screamer / Imperial Pilot), Nancy Crocker (Sariss), Stephen D’Ambrose (Boc / Weapons Officer), Louise Enyeart (Lasko / Peeno), Gary Groomes (Major Vig), Allen Hamilton (Jerec), Emil Herrera (Obata), Jay Hornbacher (Grif), Tom Keith (Sergeant / Imperial Pilot), Timothy Kuhlmann (Yun), Peter Moore (Officer / Floater), Martin Ruben (Battle Droid / Maw), Sue Scott (Carole), Michael Tezla (Rahn), Jack Walsh (Mayor Devo / Pardy), John Wehrmann (Captain Trico), Stephen Yoakam (Dinko / Executive / Captain Tola), Ken Hiller (Narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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