Flight Of The Defender

Star Wars: RebelsEzra, Zeb, Sabine, Ryder, and some overly friendly Loth-cats stake out the Imperial airstrip that the improved prototype TIE Defender calls home. Their mission: to gather as much data from the vehicle itself as they can. The problem: Grand Admiral Thrawn has just arrived. The potentially even bigger problem: running out of time and options, Sabine decides that if there isn’t time to download all the engineering and flight data, she’ll just steal the ship. But when they crash the Defender, Sabine and Ezra have a long trek back to the others with what they’ve learned…and a most unusual ally.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Dave Filoni & Steven Melching
directed by Saul Ruiz
music by Kevin Kiner
additional music by David Russell, Sean Kiner, and Dean Kiner
based on original themes and music by John Williams

RebelsCast: Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan Jarrus), Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren), Steve Blum (Zeb / Stormtrooper Guard #1), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Governor Pryce), Lars Mikkelsen (Grand Admiral Thrawn), Clancy Brown (Ryder Azadi), Dave Filoni (Stormtrooper Guard #2), Mario Vernazza (Vult Skerris) and White Loth-wolf (himself)

LogBook entry by Earl Green