Fast Friends

Return Of The Jedi NPR Radio DramaHan has been released from his carbonite prison by the bounty hunter Boushh, who has in turn been unmasked as Princess Leia – just in time for both to be captured by Jabba the Hutt. Leia is put in chains (and not much else) to serve as Jabba’s new dancing girl, and discovers that more help is already close at hand – Lando Calrissian has disguised himself to take the place of one of Jabba’s palace guards. Han and Chewie are reunited in Jabba’s dungeons, but the reunion may be a short-lived one – both are sentenced to death. A mysterious figure arrives in the dead of night, convincing Jabba’s lackeys to give him access to the gangster lord himself. The stranger reveals himself to be Luke, here to bargain for the release of his friends. Even though he has arrived unarmed, Luke demonstrates an increasing command of the Force as a weapon when the negotiations turn hostile.

Order this CDwritten by Brian Daley
additional material by John Whitman
based on the screenplay Return Of The Jedi by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas
directed by John Madden
music by John Williams

See the first episode for cast information.