Chapter 11

Star Wars: Clone WarsAnakin pursues Asajj Ventress into the Muunilinst atmosphere, where the dogfight attracts Obi-Wan’s attention. The general orders his padawan to return to his squad, but Anakin assures him that the battle is over and follows the would-be Sith into hyperspace.

Order the DVDsstory by Bryan Andrew, Darrick Bachman, Paul Rudish and Genndy Tartakovsky
directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
original music by John Williams
new music by James L. Venable and Paul Dinletir

Notes: Although Chapter 11-20 of Clone Wars were produced at the same time as the first ten, they were set aside for later broadcast and were intially announced by both Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network to be the second “season.” (This despite the fact that Clone Wars was submitted for – and won – an Emmy for best animated program of one hour or more.)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer