An Inside Man

Star Wars: RebelsKanan, Ezra and Chopper return to Lothal after receiving a summons from Ryder Azadi, warning of a new Imperial weapon under development. Ezra’s home planet is now under total Imperial control, but there is a bright side: according to Ryder, the Empire’s best and brightest laborers have been reassigned to the new weapon, leaving the Empire no choice but to draft locals to build speeder bikes…and the people of Lothal have been deliberately turning out fatally flawed vehicles. But this has also drawn the attention of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who arrives to personally crack down on the sabotage. What started as a simple fact-finding mission is now something much more dangerous.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Nicole Dubuc
directed by Steward Lee
music by Kevin Kiner
additional music by David Russell, Sean Kiner, and Dean Kiner
based on original themes and music by John Williams

RebelsCast: Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla / Female Citizen), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan Jarrus / Stormtrooper Guard), Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren), Steve Blum (Zeb Orrelios / AT-AT Pilot #2), David Oyelowo (Agent Kallus), Dave Filoni (AT-AT Pilot #1), Clancy Brown (Factory Worker / Ryder Azadi / Stormtrooper Commander), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Governor Pryce), Lars Mikkelsen (Grand Admiral Thrawn), Liam O’Brien (Lt. Lyste, Morad Sumar), Dee Bradley Baker (Old Jho / Stormtrooper #1 / Stormtrooper #2), Bonnie Wild (Imperial Female PA), David Acord (Imperial Male PA)

LogBook entry by Earl Green