Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 51813.4: A woman’s voice from a critically damaged ship calls out to Chakotay – even though he has no idea who she is. Rescued from her ship, Kellin promptly asks for asylum from her own people, warning that they will certainly come looking for her. Though suspicious of his guest, Chakotay listens as she recounts a story of how she previously sought the help of the crew in tracking down another fugitive from her world – and fell in love with Chakotay in the process. The genetic makeup of Kellin’s people prevents sensors from picking her up accurately, and keeps other races from retaining any memory of her. But just as Kellin once captured a runaway from her world, another member of her race has secretly boarded Voyager to retrieve her – whether she wants to go home or not.

Order the DVDswritten by Greg Elliot & Michael Perricone
directed by Andrew J. Robinson
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Virginia Madsen (Kellin), Michael Canavan (Curneth)

LogBook entry by Earl Green