The Void

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 54553.4: Voyager is pulled off-course into an enclosed void littered with the debris of hundreds of dead ships. Once inside, new ships are immediately attacked by other ships, and Voyager quickly becomes the latest target. Though the crew is able to defend the ship, its supply of deuterium is stolen, leaving only very limited warp capability. Other assailants descend upon Voyager like vultures, each one stating that survival in the Void requires nothing more than strength and viciousness. After a one-shot attempt to escape fails, leaving Voyager dead in space and barely able to defend itself, Janeway hatches a plan to establish a new balance of power by forming mutually advantageous alliances with other ships and crews trapped in the Void…but no one seems eager to join Janeway’s Federation-in-miniature.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Raf Green & James Kahn
story by Raf Green & Kenneth Biller
directed by Mike Vejar
music by

Guest Cast: Robin Sachs (Valen), Paul Willson (Loquar), Scott Lawrence (Garon), Jonathan Del Arco (Fantome), Michael Shamus Wiles (Bosaal)

LogBook entry by Earl Green