The Survivor

Star Trek ClassicStardate 5143.3: A vessel with a single occupant sends a distress signal from the Federation side of the Romulan neutral zone. When the Enterprise beams the ship’s pilot aboard, it turns out to be famed philanthropist Carter Winston – though Dr. McCoy’s instruments disagree, not even diagnosing the patient as human. Winston visits Kirk in his quarters and suddenly transforms into a tentacled creature, knocking the captain out and assuming his physical appearance. Winston, in the shape of Kirk, instructs the crew to change course to go to a planet deep within the neutral zone – almost ensuring an entanglement with the Romulans.

Order the DVDswritten by James Schmerer
directed by Hal Sutherland
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael

Guest Voice Cast: William Shatner (Carter Winston), Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Anne Nored), Majel Barrett (Lt. M’ress), James Doohan (Romulan Commander)

LogBook entry by Earl Green