The Nth Degree

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 44704.2: Shortly after very nervously performing a scene from “Cyrano de Bergerac” with Dr. Crusher, Lt. Barclay is assigned to accompany Geordi on a close examination, via shuttle, of an alien probe that has impeded the functioning of a subspace telescope array. But after being scanned, the probe somehow singles Barclay out to receive a massive mental “upgrade,” doing away with the lieutenant’s legendary reclusiveness and shyness, and replacing those traits of his personality with knowledge and learning abilities beyond human experience…and arrogance.

Order the DVDswritten by Joe Menosky
directed by Robert Legato
music by Ron Jones

Guest Cast: Dwight Schultz (Lt. Barclay), Jim Norton (Holodeck “Einstein”), Kay E. Kuter (Cytherian), Saxon Trainor (Lt. Larson), Page Leong (Ensign Anaya), David Coburn (Ensign Brower)

LogBook entry by Earl Green