The Forge

Star Trek: EnterpriseAdmiral Forrest is on Vulcan to attend a meeting about possible joint Vulcan-Starfleet missions, when a bomb lays waste to the Earth embassy; Forrest dies trying to save Ambassador Soval from the blast. The Enterprise is diverted to Vulcan to head up the investigation. Though the Vulcan investigators initially suspect at the Andorians, Reed and Mayweather find other evidence pointing toward a Vulcan woman named T’Pau – and they find it on a bomb left over to destroy what’s left of the embassy. The Vulcan investigators assisting Archer’s crew suddenly become less cooperative, admitting only that T’Pau is a member of the Syrrannite movement, a sect which embraces a different interpretation of Surak’s logical teachings than most Vulcans. Privately, Ambassador Soval tells Captain Archer that the investigators are not to be trusted. T’Pol is visited by her new husband Koss, who brings her a gift from her mother T’Les – and brings word that T’Les has gone into hiding as a member of the Syrrannite movement. The gift is her mother’s IDIC, which has been fitted with a holographic projector that may offer a way to find the Syrrannites. The hologram is a map of a Vulcan desert known as the Forge, a desolate region that suffers from such violent geo-magnetic disturbances that transporters, shuttles, and equipment like tricorders and phase pistols are rendered useless. Archer decides to cross the Forge on foot, while Soval and Trip find new evidence that shows that T’Pau is being framed – and that the embassy bomb may have been planted by one of the Vulcans in charge of the investigation. And in the desert, Archer and T’Pol are challenged, and then helped, by a Vulcan man, but when he is mortally wounded in an electrically supercharged dust storm, he entrusts a legacy to Archer without the captain’s knowledge.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
directed by Michael Grossman
music by John Frizzell

Guest Cast: Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest), Gary Graham (Soval), Michael Nouri (Arev), Robert Foxworth (V’Las), Larc Spies (Stel), Michael Reilly Burke (Koss)

Notes: This episode features the first appearance of the Vulcan sehlat creature in a live-action Star Trek episode; the creature was previously depicted in the animated Classic Trek episode Yesteryear, in which a young Spock was seen raising a sehlat as a pet (apparently a common practice, as T’Pol had a pet sehlat as well). It would seems that mind melding is still considered deviant behavior among Vulcans, but apparently the stolid Ambassador Soval is familiar enough with it to perform one.

LogBook entry by Earl Green