The Dogs Of War

Star Trek: Deep Space NineStardate 52861.3: Sisko takes command of a new Defiant-class ship, with special dispensation to rename it from the Sao Paulo to the Defiant; while on Cardassia, the Female Changeling and Weyoun decide to withdraw in order to replenish their ships and troops. Meanwhile, Kira, Damar, and Garak arrive at Cardassia Prime for a meeting, only to learn that they have been betrayed. Kira and the others are forced to hide in the cellar of Garak’s boyhood home, where they learn from Mila that Damar is becoming a legend among the ordinary Cardassian civilians. On DS9, Quark receives a static-garbled message from Grand Nagus Zek, saying that he plans to retire and move to Risa with Ishka, and that he is coming to DS9 to name his successor. Believing that he will be the next Grand Nagus, Quark is disgusted to learn of all the reforms Zek has been making due to Ishka’s influence, and plans to reverse them as soon as he is in power. And Bashir and Ezri Dax finally address their feelings for each other.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Rene Echavarria & Ronald D. Moore
directed by Avery Brooks
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Penny Johnson (Kasidy Yates), Andrew J. Robinson (Garak), Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun / Brunt), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Casey Biggs (Damar), Barry Jenner (Admiral Ross), Cecily Adams (Ishka), J.G. Hertzler (Martok), Chase Masterson (Leeta), Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Juliana McCarthy (Mila), Tiny Ron (Maihar’du), Salome Jens (Female Changeling), Wallace Shawn (Zek), Mel Johnson, Jr. (Broca), Vaughn Armstrong (Seskal), Stephen Yoakam (Velal), Paul S. Eckstein (Jem’Hadar), David B. Levinson (Broik), Cathy DeBuono (M’Pella), Leroy D. Brazile (Lonar), Majel Barrett (Federation Computer Voice)

LogBook entry by Tracy Hemenover