The Counter-Clock Incident

Star Trek ClassicStardate 6770.3: The Enterprise is en route to Babel on a fairly routine mission, ferrying Commodore Robert April (the Enterprise’s first captain) and his wife (the ship’s original medical officer) to a retirement ceremony on Babel. When an immensely powerful ship of unknown origins blasts past the Enterprise on an apparent death dive into a nearby supernova, Kirk tries to stop it with the tractor beam – which only has the effect of dragging the Enterprise into the exploding star with the other ship. Somehow, both ships survive, but find themselves in a different universe where the laws of time and space no longer apply. The crew of the other ship originate from this dimension, where time runs backward and instead of gaining knowledge, their race is losing knowledge as each generation regresses rapidly into infancy. This temporal effect also renders the Enterprise crew too young and inexperienced to find their way back home – and Commodore April must take the Enterprise’s captain’s chair one more time to save Kirk and the current crew.

Order the DVDswritten by John Culver (a.k.a. Fred Bronson)
directed by Hal Sutherland
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael

Guest Voice Cast: James Doohan (Commodore April), Majel Barrett (Mrs. April), Majel Barrett (Karla 5), James Doohan (Karl 4)

LogBook entry by Earl Green