Terra Nova

Star Trek: Enterprise70 years before the Enterprise’s first mission, an early warp-era attempt at interstellar colonization took humans to a planet they called Terra Nova, which at the time meant an 18 year round trip. But after the colonists had several strong disagreements with Earth via radio, all contact was lost – and no one knows what become of the Terra Nova colony. The Enterprise arrives there and surface scans reveal abandoned structures, but there are still signs of life. Archer, Reed and T’Pol take a shuttle down and discover a humanoid race in a series of caves. These beings are not only paranoid about any visitors, but they’re also well-armed and prepared to defend their home. There are distinct differences between the Enterprise crew and these people, but according to T’Pol’s tricorder, they’re perfectly normal human beings. Reed is captured and taken hostage, and in an effort to build good relations with the self-proclaimed “Novans,” Archer brings their leader and a terminally ill woman back to the ship, where Dr. Phlox cures her. However, Phlox also discovers that radiation poisoning is going to slowly wipe the Novans out. Archer finds a safe place for them to resettle…and now all he has to do is regain their trust and rescue Reed.

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxteleplay by Antoinette Stella
story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
directed by LeVar Burton
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Erick Avari (Jamin), Mary Carver (Nadet), Brian Jacobs (Athan), Greville Henwood (Akary)

Notes: This is the first episode to identify Dr. Phlox’s race as Denobulan.

LogBook entry by Earl Green