Storm Front Part II

Star Trek: EnterpriseArcher escapes from the alien-assisted Nazis via transporter, but he is forced to bring Alicia, a member of the New York City resistance cell, with him. Trip and Mayweather, having pursued Silik to the surface in a shuttlepod, have been captured by the Nazis. But the alien assisting the Nazis, Vosk, isn’t an ally of Silik’s – even Silik considers Vosk a radical element responsible for heating up the temporal cold war. Archer returns to Earth, leading his crew and the resistance against the Nazis, and hoping to disable the equipment Vosk is using to change history. Vosk tries to make an ally out of Archer to bring the temporal war to an end…but would this alliance restore history to its proper course?

Get this season on DVDwritten by Manny Coto
directed by David Straiton
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Golden Brooks (Alicia Silvers), Jack Gwaltney (Vosk), John Fleck (Silik), Matt Winston (Daniels), Christopher Neame (German General), Steven R. Schirripa (Carmine), Mark Elliot Silverberg (Kraul), David Pease (Alien Technician), Burr Middleton (Newsreel narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green