Star Trek: EnterpriseAn expedition to investigate debris detected in the Arctic Circle disappears without any communication. Not long afterward, their ship is detected leaving Earth on a heading for deep space, and Captain Archer is ordered to intercept the ship. The Enterprise arrives just in time to see the expedition’s ship – now heavily modified – attacking a Tarkalean vessel. The expedition ship – whose specs rate it as slower and unarmed – easily fights off the Enterprise and escapes. Archer brings two Tarkalean survivors aboard, where Phlox finds that they have already fallen victim to a nanotech “infection” that spreads throughout the body, slowly replacing organs and limbs with cybernetic implants. One of them attacks Phlox, injecting him with the same nanotech devices, and they escape and begin modifying the Enterprise’s systems. When Reed and a security team try to stop the Tarkaleans, the intruders have adapted to the crew’s phase pistols with their own personal shields. An message is soon sent to the Enterprise – resistance is futile…and Archer’s crew will be assimilated.

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
directed by David Livingston
music by Brian Tyler

Guest Cast: Chris Wynne (Dr. Moninger), Bonita Friedericy (Rooney), John Short (Drake), Adam Harrington (Researcher), Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest), Jim Fitzpatrick (Commander Williams), Mark Chadwick (Male Tarkalean), Nicole Randal (Female Tarkalean), Paul Scott (Foster)

Notes: Dr. Phlox references the Binars (from the first season Next Generation episode 11001001). The Borg sphere found on Earth is the wreckage of the ship shot down by the Enterprise-E in Star Trek: First Contact, and apparently after the events of that movie, Zephram Cochrane revealed the presence of both the Borg and Captain Picard’s crew, but his story was discounted and he later recanted it. Guest star Bonita Friedericy is the wife of series regular John “Dr. Phlox” Billingsley.

LogBook entry by Earl Green