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Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 51367.2: Voyager visits the telepathic Mari race to procure supplies and equipment before continuing toward the Alpha Quadrant. B’Elanna bumps into one of the natives and responds angrily, unwittingly setting off a chain of events that shocks the entire Mari culture – a culture which reveals a dark underbelly that thrives on the angry impulses and concealed violent thoughts of alien visitors. B’Elanna is arrested and sentenced to undergo a form of brain surgery that will rid her of anger…assuming that the procedure, designed only for the Mari themselves, doesn’t kill her. Tuvok takes it upon himself to help find the black market of emotions in an effort to clear B’Elanna’s name, but he must reveal his own well-hidden dark thoughts to infiltrate it.

Order the DVDswritten by Kenneth Biller
directed by Alexander Singer
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Gwynyth Walsh (Nimira), Wayne Pere (Guill), Rebecca McFarland (Talli), Jeanette Miller (Woman), Ted Barba (Malin), Bobby Burns (Frane)

Notes: Trek fans generally know Gwynyth Walsh better as Lursa, one of the two Klingon sisters who were scheming to take control of the Empire during many of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Klingon-oriented episodes.

LogBook entry by Earl Green