Proving Ground

Star Trek: EnterpriseAt a meeting of the multi-species Xindi war council, it is announced that a prototype of the next sphere weapon – this one on a larger scale intended to take Earth out in a single strike – is nearly ready. If the leaders of the various Xindi species approve of the weapon’s test firing, the genuine article could be on course for Earth in a matter of mere weeks.

Using the traceable kemosite planted by Gralik, Archer and the Enterprise crew find the location where the Xindi plan to test their weapon – but that proving ground is tucked away behind a dense field of the spatial anomalies that have severely damaged the Enterprise in the past. An attempt to navigate the anomalies fails, and the Enterprise becomes stuck in what seems to be a hopeless situation – until a tractor beam pulls her to safety. Archer is stunned, and T’Pol is suspicious, to see that Captain Shran of the Andorians has followed them simply to offer his help – with surprisingly few strings attached. When Shran is all too eager to help Archer hijack the test weapon, Archer must consider destroying his prize if only to keep Shran from using it to develop a weapon of mass destruction for use against the Vulcans.

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Chris Black
directed by David Livingston
music by John Frizzell

Guest Cast: Jeffrey Combs (Shran), Molly Brink (Talas), Randy Oglesby (Degra), Scott MacDonald (Xindi Reptilian), Tucker Smallwood (Xindi Humanoid), Rick Worthy (Xindi Sloth), Granville Van Dusen (Andorian General), Josh Drennen (Degra’s Assistant)

LogBook entry by Earl Green