One Of Our Planets Is Missing

Star Trek ClassicStardate 5372.3: The Enterprise crew watches helplessly as an enormous cloud engulfs an entire planet, and discover that it is headed for the heavily populated planet Mantilles. The Enterprise, pursuing the cloud, is also swallowed by it. From inside the cloud, Spock determines that it is a living organism. Kirk decides that the organism must be destroyed, but Spock finds that this can only be accomplished by unleashing an enormous amount of energy which would also destroy the Enterprise. The only hope for the people of Mantilles is an unconventional mind-meld between Spock and the planet-consuming life form.

Order the DVDswritten by Marc Daniels
directed by Hal Sutherland
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael

Guest Voice Cast: James Doohan (Governor Wesley), Majel Barrett (The Organism)

LogBook entry by Earl Green