Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 54274.7: While Voyager undergoes some much-needed repairs planetside, Ensign Kim leads an expedition to find dilithium. But his seemnigly sleepy mission is interrupted by a conflict between two alien vessels. Harry is prepared to leave the area, citing Starfleet protocols about interfering with alien conflicts, when a distress signal from one of the ships forces him to become involved. Harry chases the attacking ships away, and he and Neelix board the remaining ship to aid the survivors, who claim to be on a humanitarian mission. The victims of the attack are in no shape to travel – their ship has been critically damaged, and their captain is dead. Harry takes charge and orders the ship back to Voyager’s position. The ensign enjoys his taste of command, and his new crew seems to be genuinely inspired by his leadership. Even after discovering that Captain Janeway is negotiating for supplies with the race who attack his new friends, Harry insists upon commanding their repaired ship – dubbed the Nightingale – to their next destination. Janeway reluctantly agrees, and “Captain” Harry Kim is about to discover what she already knows…that commanding a starship can be an unforgiving and potentially fatal job, especially if your crew is lying to you.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Andrè Bormanis
story by Robert Lederman & Dave Long
directed by LeVar Burton
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Ron Glass (Loken), Manu Intiraymi (Icheb), Beverly Leech (Dayla), Paul F. O’Brien (Geral), Scott Miles (Terek), Alan Brooks (Annari Commander), Bob Rudd (Brell)

LogBook entry by Earl Green