Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Star Trek ClassicStardate 5730.2: Two natives of the planet Cheron are brought aboard after one of them helps the Enterprise chase the other down after he had stolen a shuttlecraft from a Federation starbase. Bele and Lokai, however, have a dispute that goes far beyond a simple pursuit of a criminal. Their hatred – and, indeed, the entire shuttlecraft incident – is rooted in a deep racial prejudice which threatens to engulf not only them, but the Enterprise and Kirk’s crew.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxteleplay by Oliver Crawford
story by Lee Cronin
directed by Jud Taylor
music by Fred Steiner

Guest Cast: James Doohan (Mr. Scott), George Takei (Lt. Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura), Walter Koenig (Chekov), Frank Gorshin (Bele), Lou Antonia (Lokai), Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel)

LogBook entry by Earl Green