Flesh And Blood – Part I

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate not given: Voyager approaches a Hirogen space station which contains no signs of Hirogen life. Chakotay leads an away team to the station, finding dead Hirogen hunters in an elaborate holodeck environment which fools initial sensor scans. The lone survivor – a meek engineer who has masked his life signs – is terrified at the sight of Starfleet uniforms, and puts up a fight until Tuvok subdues him. Aboard Voyager, the surviving Hirogen tells Janeway about the modifications the Hirogen have made to her gift of holographic technology three years ago. The holograms used by the Hirogen as prey have developed the ability to learn, adapt, and think strategically. Another Hirogen vessel arrives, demanding the right of the hunt. Janeway offers to join them, feeling some responsibility for the situation, but she quickly becomes a witness to just how cunning the warrior holograms have become. The holograms nearly exterminate the Hirogen crew, and in the heat of battle the Doctor is kidnapped from Voyager. Iden, a hologram of a Bajoran officer who leads his fellow holograms into battle, asks for the Doctor’s assistance in repairing some of their “wounded.” But soon, the Doctor’s visit becomes an exercise in persuasion as the charismatic Iden tries to make the Doctor a believer in his quest for freedom.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Bryan Fuller
story by Jack Monaco and Bryan Fuller & Raf Green
directed by Mike Vejar
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Jeff Yagher (Iden), Ryan Bollman (Donik), Michael Wiseman (Beta Hirogen), Cindy Katz (Kejal), Spencer Garrett (Weiss), Vaughn Armstrong (Alpha Hirogen), Paul Eckstein (new Alpha Hirogen), Todd Jeffries (Hirogen One), Don McMillan (Hirogen Three), Chad Halyard (Hirogen Two), David Doty (Nuu’Bari miner), Damon Kirsche (Nuu’Bari Hologram One)

LogBook entry by Earl Green