Final Mission

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 44307.3: Picard reveals that Wesley has been accepted into Starfleet Academy. Wes’s final assignment on the Enterprise is to accompany Picard on a trip with an independent miner, Captain Dirgo, to settle a dispute between mining colonies. En route, Dirgo’s battered shuttle breaks down, forcing them to land on a desert world – but help is nowhere near because the Enterprise is attempting to move an abandoned freighter whose highly radioactive contents threaten the Enterprise and a nearby planet.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Kacey Arnold-Ince and Jeri Taylor
story by Kacey Arnold-Ince
directed by Corey Allen
music by Ron Jones

Guest Cast: Nick Tate (Dirgo), Kim Hamilton (Songi), Mary Kohnert (Ensign Allenby)

Notes: With this episode, Wil Wheaton officially leaves the regular cast. Guest star Nick Tate is no stranger to flying shuttles; as hotshot pilot Alan Carter, he flew Space: 1999’s Eagles during the 1970s.

LogBook entry by Earl Green