Ex Post Facto

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate not given: Kim returns alone in a shuttle from a trip to Benea which he made with Tom Paris. After getting entangled with a scientist’s wife, and by all accounts murdering the scientist in question, Paris has been sentenced to relive the crime from the victim’s point of view every 14 hours. Janeway, despite Tom’s admittedly less-than-exemplary record, needs to know for herself if Tom is guilty of the crime. When it turns out that the Benean punishment is reacting badly to Tom’s human physiology, he is taken back to Voyager. Mysteries begin to pile up – why are the neighboring warlike Numiri attacking Voyager? And who really committed the murder? The answers can only come from one source – Tuvok must mind-meld with Paris to experience the forced reenactment of the incident himself.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Evan Carlos Somers and Michael Piller
story by Evan Carlos Somers
directed by LeVar Burton
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Robin McKee (Lidell), Francis Guinan (Minister Kray), Aaron Lustig (Professor Ren), Ray Reinhardt (Benean Doctor), Henry Brown (Numiri Captain)

LogBook entry by Earl Green