Star Trek: EnterpriseA Klingon Bird of Prey ensnares a smaller ship in its tractor beams, and the Klingons are unimpressed by the human crew – until they overpower the Klingons with superhuman speed and strength, killing the entire crew. Word of the incident reaches Starfleet Headquarters, and Captain Archer and the Enterprise crew are assigned to rein in the humans. Believed to be augments – genetically engineered super-humans left over from the Eugenics Wars – these humans are believed to have been born from frozen embryos stolen by an amoral geneticist, Dr. Arik Soong. Imprisoned after he refused to tell the authorities of the augments’ whereabouts, Soong is brought aboard the Enterprise under heavy security. En route to intercept the augments’ ship, the Enterprise is attacked by Orion slavers, who kidnap nine crew members to sell into slavery, including T’Pol. Archer and Soong beam down to the Orions’ nearest planet to recover the missing crew members, but Soong takes advantage of the opportunity to escape from Archer. His attempt to get away is short-lived, but once brought back aboard the Enterprise, he begins to transmit a homing signal, bringing the augments in their stolen Bird of Prey to rescue him. Leaving the Enterprise crippled in space, Soong joins his “children” and sets them on a course to recover more of their kind…

Get this season on DVDwritten by Ken LaZebnik
directed by David Livingston
music by Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner

Guest Cast: Brent Spiner (Arik Soong), Alec Newman (Malik), Abby Brammell (Persis), Joel West (Raakin), Big Show (Orion Slaver #1), David Power (Pierce), J.G. Hertzler (Klingon Captain), Dayo Ade (Klingon Tactical Officer), Gary Kasper (Orion Slaver #2), Bobbi Sue Luther (Orion Slave Woman), Thom Williams (Klingon Soldier #1)

Star Trek: EnterpriseNotes: Arik Soong is the father of Noonian Soong, the cyberneticist who invented the Enterprise-D’s Lt. Commander Data. As Arik obviously admires the augments of the Eugenics Wars, it’s not inconceivable that he could have named his son after one of the leaders of the augments, Khan Noonien Singh (Space Seed, Star Trek II). In reality, both characters, created by Gene Roddenberry, were named after an acquaintance of Roddenberry’s, and no direct link between the two was envisioned by him, though this neatly ties up the similarities in their names.) Guest star J.G. Hertzler portrays yet another Klingon, something he’s been doing since his recurring role as General Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (he made an earlier appearance as another character in Judgement). Alec Newman made his genre mark as Paul Atreides in Sci-Fi Channel’s two miniseries based on Frank Herbert’s “Dune” novels.

LogBook entry by Earl Green