Star Trek: EnterpriseThe Enterprise returns to Earth to be on hand for four weeks of talks between Earth, Andorian and Tellarite officials to lay the groundwork for a peaceful interplanetary league of worlds. But during a reception after the first discussions, a wounded woman approaches T’Pol, gives her a hair sample and a warning that “they’re going to kill her” – and then dies. Dr. Phlox analyzes the hair sample and concludes that it comes from a six month old child who happens to be the offspring of T’Pol and Trip. Trip confronts T’Pol about this news, but she denies ever having been pregnant – and yet she cannot deny her instinct that the child is theirs. Reed investigates, even re-opening some of his severed contacts at Section 31, and discovers that the dead woman was a member of a human separatist movement called Terra Prime. Further investigation reveals that the woman had recently been to a mining colony on Earth’s moon, and also exposes a visiting reporter (and old flame of Mayweather’s) as a Terra Prime spy. Trip and T’Pol infiltrate the mining colony, but are quickly captured by Terra Prime loyalists who use the colony as a recruiting ground. They are taken to meet Paxton, the leader of the Terra Prime movement, and are helpless to watch as he commandeers a verteron array based on Mars, intended to deflect comets from the inner solar system, but now twisted into an interplanetary weapon. Paxton demands that all aliens vacate Earth space immediately, or he’ll train the array on a populated target.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Manny Coto
directed by LeVar Burton
music by Paul Baillargeon

Guest Cast: Peter Weller (John Frederick Paxton), Harry Groener (Nathan Samuels), Eric Pierpoint (Harris), Peter Mensah (Greaves), Patrick Fischler (Mercer), Adam Clark (Josiah), Steven Rankin (Colonel Green), Johanna Watts (Gannet Brooks), Tom Bergeron (Coridan Ambassador), Christine Romeo (Khouri)

Notes: The character of Colonel Green was first glimpsed as a historical figure recreated by the Excalbians in the original Trek episode The Savage Curtain (also the third-from-last episode of its respective series, coincidentally), in which Phillip Pine played the character of a genocidal military leader whose reign of terror ended at least a generation before Archer’s Enterprise was launched. Harry Groener appeared in the Next Generation episode Tin Man, and in Voyager’s Sacred Ground installment. Peter Weller may be best known in SF circles for originating the role of the title character in the first two Robocop films, and as heroic guitar-slinging scientist Dr. Buckaroo Banzai, as well as starring in Manny Coto’s Showtime series Odyssey 5. In some respects, Terra Prime is very similar to the ethnocentric, anti-alien Home Guard organization which was a recurring threat in the first season of Babylon 5.

LogBook entry by Earl Green