Dear Doctor

Star Trek: EnterpriseThe Enterprise encounters a sublight spacecraft whose occupants are seeking help in fighting a degenerative and most likely lethal disease – one which afflicts not only them, but their entire species as well. Captain Archer pledges his support to them, but soon finds out that his offer of help may be unrealistic. Dr. Phlox is eager to help, but his enthusiasm is tempered by his practical understanding of the disease. A somewhat lesser evolved humanoid species from the same planet seems to be completely immune – and Archer faces the unenviable prospect of telling the dying portion of the population that they may be facing extinction via irreversible natural evolution.

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Maria Jacquemetton & Andrè Jacquemetton
directed by James Contner
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Kellie Waymire (Elizabeth Cutler), David A. Kimball (Esaak), Chris Rydell (Alien astronaut), Karl Wiedergott (Larr), Alex Nevil (Menk man)

Notes: Chronologically speaking, this episode is the Star Trek universe’s first mention of the Ferengi; according to Next Generation lore, first contact with the Ferengi didn’t occur until that series’ fourth episode, The Last Outpost (1987), though this Enterprise crew would actually come into contact with them first without realizing it (Acquisition).

LogBook entry by Earl Green