Concerning Flight

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 51386.4: A band of alien pirates raid Voyager, stealing technology – including the Doctor’s remote projection unit and the ship’s main computer core – and leaving the ship crippled. Janeway and Tuvok visit the home base of the pirates and discover that Janeway’s Leonardo Da Vinci holodeck program has been won over by Captain Tau’s flamboyant power. Janeway can only retrieve Voyager’s central computer with the help of the Renaissance man – but first she must convince him that her aims are nobler than those of his new master.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Joe Menosky
story by Jimmy Diggs and Joe Menosky
directed by Jesus Salvador Trevino
music by

Guest Cast: John Rhys-Davies (Leonardo Da Vinci), John Vargas (Tau), Don Pugsley (Alien Visitor)

Original title: Da Vinci’s Day Out

LogBook entry by Earl Green