Star Trek: VoyagerStardate not given: While on a planetary mission, the captain and Chakotay crash and are killed by the Vidiians. Suddenly they are back aboard the shuttle approaching the planet where they recognize the sense of deja-vu. This time they recognize a Vidiian ship and attempt to outrun it, but they die under enemy fire in space, and they loop back to the beginning of the sequence once again. This time they make it back to the ship, but Chakotay no longer has any memory of the time loop and Janeway has the Doctor examine her. This time it turns out that she has the Vidiian phage and is shocked when the Doctor euthanizes her against her will to keep the phage from spreading to the crew. But she comes back yet again to the shuttle with Chakotay where this time they fly into a bright spatial anomaly, whereupon Janeway suddenly finds herself on the planet where she sees Chakotay trying to revive another iteration of herself. They beam back to Voyager where the Captain dies yet again. This time she meets her dead father as the crew undergoes a period of mourning for their captain. But while her father seems to be providing answers for her, it seems as if he has an agenda of his own.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeri Taylor
directed by Nancy Malone
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Leo Cariou (Admiral Janeway), Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)

LogBook entry by Paul Campbell

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