Star Trek: EnterpriseA visit to a tertiary star system reveals a surprise that the crew is eager to explore: an Earthlike world populated by millions of people who look, more or less, human. But when initial scans of their world reveal no advanced technology – and seafaring ships no more advanced than large sail-powered boats – T’Pol advises against a visit. The Vulcans have adopted a policy of not making contact until a civilization achieves warp technology, and T’Pol urges Archer to establish a similar rule. But the detection of a nuclear reactor complicates the matter. If aliens are already on the planet, will the Enterprise crew’s intervention prevent cultural contamination…or cause more harm?

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman
directed by Mike Vejar
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Diane DiLascio (Riann), Wade Andrew Williams (Garos), Charlie Brewer (Alien)

LogBook entry by Earl Green