Chain Of Command Part II

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 46360.8: Cardassian representative Gul Lemec reveals to Jellico that Picard has been captured on Celtris III. Under interrogation by Gul Madred, Picard is tortured in the Cardassians’ attempt to find out more about the defenses of Minos Korva, a planet once sought by the Cardassians in their war with the Federation. On the Enterprise, Jellico prepares for all-out war in the event of a collapse of diplomatic relations, but meets with open disapproval from Riker. Jellico relieves Riker of his duties and continues to deny that Picard’s mission was ordered by Starfleet, which disqualifies Picard from the terms of the Federation-Cardassian treaty concerning fair treatment of prisoners of war. Picard resists further torture but is pushed to the limits of his endurance while Gul Madred continues to question him about Minos Korva, of which Picard knows nothing. Meanwhile, Jellico confronts the Cardassians and calls their bluff after discovering a flotilla of their warships hiding near Minos Korva. He successfully demands a withdrawal and the release of Picard. Returned to the Enterprise, Picard resumes command, but all is not normal after his experience at the hands of the Cardassians.

Order the DVDswritten by Frank Abatemarco
directed by Les Landau
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: David Warner (Gul Madred), Ronny Cox (Captain Jellico), John Durbin (Gul Lemec), Heather Lauren Olsen (Jil Orra), Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green