Star Trek: CacophonyStardate 8764.3: A widespread subspace communications disruption near the planet Stentor gets the attention of Starfleet, and the Excelsior is dispatched to investigate. When the Excelsior reaches Stentor, hailing frequencies can’t even be opened – Stentor’s vicinity is blanketed with radio transmissions, and not just any transmission, but broadcasts originating from 20th century Earth. Only 20 years after the Federation made first contact with Stentor, the old Earth radio signals are being rebroadcast around the planet by powerful transmitters, even extending into the subspace frequencies. Worse yet, the Stentorian faction controlling the transmitters has declared these alien signals to be the voices of the gods, and they’re shutting out anyone else’s attempts to communicate to the masses – especially the opposing faction, which wants the signals stopped. Captain Sulu decides to introduce a little interference of his own to try to get both sides talking – and, more importantly, listening – to each other. But what Sulu has in mind may sound like a violation of the Prime Directive.

Order this CDwritten by J.J. Molloy
directed by Karen Frillman
George Takei directed by Jill Denby-Guest
music not credited

Cast: George Takei (Captain Sulu), Simon Jones (Lt. Commander Mulligan), Maryann Plunkett (Lt. Terra Spiro), Lynne Thigpen (Kandravex), Lee Wilkof (Ghazi)

Notes: Simon Jones will be a familiar voice to listeners of science fiction made for the ears; he starred in the original Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy radio serial as Arthur Dent and reprised that role in both the 1981 BBC TV series and in a more recent radio revival of Hitchhiker’s Guide. Lee Wilkof had a recurring role in the 80s SF series Max Headroom. Tony Award winner Lynne Thigpen was a cast member of the original stage production of Godspell, as well as in the film adaptation; she died in 2003. Maryann Plunkett has a previous Trek connection; she guest starred in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Identity Crisis as a former shipmate of Geordi’s.

At about the 28:20 mark into the story, sound effects from the 1981 arcade game Galaga can be heard.

LogBook entry by Earl Green