Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 44085.7: While rushing a young boy to a Starbase medical facility after his older brother played a cruel practical joke on him, the Enterprise is suddenly diverted from her course and headed for an unknown, out-of-the-way planet. What no one realizes until it’s too late is that Data is responsible for this, having been taken over by a homing signal that leads him to his creator, Dr. Soong, who had been thought dead for many years. Data has been called home to be given an upgrade – emotions – but the unexpected arrival of his jealous android “brother” Lore at Soong’s hiding place puts Data’s upgrade and his creator in jeopardy…

Order the DVDswritten by Rick Berman
directed by Rob Bowman
music by Ron Jones

Guest Cast: Brent Spiner (Dr. Noonian Soong), Cory Danziger (Jake Potts), Colm Meaney (O’Brien), Adam Ryen (Willie Potts), James Lashly (Ensign Kopf), Brent Spiner (Lore)

LogBook entry by Earl Green