Body And Soul

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 54238.3: A routine comet-chasing expedition aboard the Delta Flyer is cut short by attacking aliens who have detected a “photonic insurgent” – an unauthorized hologram. In a last-ditch effort to keep the Doctor’s program from being decompiled, Seven of Nine downloads his program. But the price of concealing the Doctor within her Borg implants is a total subjugation of Seven’s personality, leaving the Doctor in charge of her body. The Doctor – in Seven’s body – must buy some time and release Ensign Kim from the aliens’ brig. In the meantime, Tuvok is suffering the early stages of the Pon Farr…and Tom’s solution of using the holodeck to ease Tuvok’s suffering simply attracts more of the aliens who are trying to eliminate “photonic insurgents.”

Order the DVDsteleplay by Eric Morris and Phyllis Strong & Michael Sussman
story by Michael Taylor
directed by Robert Duncan MacNeill
music by

Guest Cast: Fritz Sperberg (Ranek), Megan Gallagher (Jaryn), David Starwalt (Captain #2), Marva Hicks (T’Pel)

Notes: This episode appears to have been inspired by the classic Red Dwarf episode Bodyswap (1989), and its mentions of warlike holograms set up the upcoming Flesh And Blood two-parter.

LogBook entry by Earl Green