Blood Fever

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 50537.2: Large deposits of gallicite draw Voyager to an abandoned planet for this material that will enable a refit of the warp coils. But while preparing for the expedition, Ensign Vorick comes under the influence of the Pon Farr and declares his intention to take B’Elanna as a mate, attempting to force his affections on her. Although this results in a dislocated jaw for Vorick, the physical contact seems to have caused a change in the chief engineer resulting from a mating bond. As the odd triangle (which includes Tom Paris) is resolved, the crew discovers that the planet is not abandoned after all, but is inhabited by the Sakari, a race which has developed camouflage to a high art to avoid their ancient enemies – the Borg.

Order the DVDswritten by Lisa Klink
directed by Andrew Robinson
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Alexander Enberg (Vorik), Bruce Bohne (Sakari Leader), Deborah Levin (Ensign Lang)

LogBook entry by Paul Campbell