Balance Of Terror

Star Trek ClassicStardate 1709.1: Responding to distress calls from border outposts along the Neutral Zone between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, Kirk and the crew receive a final message from a Federation station reporting an attack from an invisible ship. Before the station is destroyed, it sends the Enterprise a brief view of the attacking vessel – a streamlined fighter which appears for a second when it fires. Hurrying to the scene, the Enterprise engages in battle with a Romulan Bird of Prey, armed with a cloaking device and commanded by a battle-scarred and tired commander whose crew is more eager to go into combat than he is. The Romulans, to the Enterprise crew’s amazement, bear a stunning resemblance to Vulcans, which arouses suspicion in some, including Lt. Styles, whose father died in a battle with the Romulans years ago. But as long as the Romulan ship can remain invisible, the Enterprise is at a disadvantage.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Paul Schneider
directed by Vincent McEveety
music by Fred Steiner

Guest Cast: DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard McCoy), James Doohan (Mr. Scott), George Takei (Lt. Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura), Mark Lenard (Romulan Commander), Paul Comi (Styles), Lawrence Montaigne (Decius), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), Stephen Mines (Lt. Tomlinson), Barbara Baldavin (Angela), Garry Walberg (Hansen), John Warburton (The Centurion)

Note: The unusual similarities between Vulcans and Romulans are finally addressed in 1991 in the Next Generation Unification two-parter, in which Spock, in his 120s or older, traveled to Romulus to investigate resuming relations between the Vulcans and Romulans.

LogBook entry by Earl Green