The Proton Storm

Star MaidensWith Liz and Rudi as their hostages, Octavia and Fulvia open negotiations for an exchange: the two humans will be returned to Earth if Adam and Shem willingly return to Medusa. Making the negotiations even more difficult is the outbreak of a proton storm near Jupiter, which makes the already difficult task of communications between Earth and Medusa nearly impossible. As Adam and Shem broadcast their demands back to Medusa, a garbled transmission results in a misunderstanding on Fulvia’s part, and she sets out to retrieve the two men from Earth. Only when she arrives does she discover that their surrender wasn’t as unconditional as she thought.

Star Maidenswritten by John Lucarotti
directed by Wolfgang Storch
music by Berry Lipmann

Cast: Judy Geeson (Fulvia), Lisa Harrow (Liz), Gareth Thomas (Shem), Pierre Brice (Adam), Christian Quadflieg (Rudi), Christiane Kruger (Octavia), Derek Farr (Evans), Uschi Mellin (Andrea)

LogBook entry by Earl Green