The End Of Time

Star MaidensOctavia returns to Medusa with Evans in tow, only to discover that the entire planet has gone into hibernation and the Medusan president has been assassinated. Octavia tries to trace the chain of events that happened in her absence, in an effort to discover what happened to the leader of the Medusans and if Earth people were involved. Only when the mystery is solved can life on Medusa be restored.

written by Eric Paice
directed by Wolfgang Storch
music by Berry Lipmann

Star MaidensCast: Lisa Harrow (Liz), Christian Quadflieg (Rudi), Christiane Kruger (Octavia), Derek Farr (Evans), Dawn Addams (Clara), Ciaren Madden (Fidelia), Imogen Claire (Doctor), Barbara Trentham (Theda), Ann Maj-Brit (Octavia’s Assistant)

LogBook entry by Earl Green