Nightmare Cannon

Star MaidensFulvia and Octavia reluctantly cooperate with the police manhunt for Adam and Shem, leaving the Nemesis, their space vehicle, completely unguarded. Earth scientists Liz and Rudi sneak aboard to document the spacecraft, certain that they’ll never have another chance to do so. While taking pictures in the ship, Rudi uses a flashbulb; the ship’s automatic defense system responds in kind, blinding him permanently. When she learns that Earth medicine can’t repair or replace a destroyed optic nerve, Fulvia offers the help of Medusan medicine. Upon learning that Adam and Shem have taken a hostage and holed up in an ancient Earth castle, Octavia’s patience with the police negotiations wears thin and she resorts to other means of driving the Medusan men out into the open. Rudi and Liz then learn that they’ve become hostages to be held in exchange for Adam and Shem’s return.

written by Eric Paice
directed by James Gatward and Wolfgang Storch
music by Berry Lipmann

Star MaidensCast: Judy Geeson (Fulvia), Lisa Harrow (Liz), Gareth Thomas (Shem), Pierre Brice (Adam), Christian Quadflieg (Rudi), Christiane Kruger (Octavia), Derek Farr (Evans), Alfie Bass (Gatekeeper), Graham Crowden (Minister), Ronald Hines (Stanley), Norman Warwick (Desk Sergeant)

Notes: As Octavia’s Nemesis ship lifts off, the Doctor Who sound effect associated with the Chumblies (Galaxy Four) can be heard.

LogBook entry by Earl Green