Star MaidensFulvia stays on Earth to coordinate with the police authorities in the search for Adam and Shem, without her usual security escort. When she runs afoul of unscrupulous humans who want to drug her and interrogate her about Medusan technology, Shem is reluctantly forced to admit that he and Adam will have to mount a rescue operation to free their mortal foe. It’s only when Fulvia is freed that Shem begins to suspect that she could have escaped on her own all along, but instead feigned helplessness to lure Shem into her trap.

written by Lohn Lucarotti
directed by Freddie Francis
music by Berry Lipmann

Cast: Judy Geeson (Fulvia), Gareth Thomas (Shem), Pierre Brice (Adam), Derek Farr (Evans), Terence Star MaidensAlexander (Gregori), Philip Stone (Sforza), Uschi Mellin (Andrea), Stanley Lebor (Carlo), Hedger Wallis (Hotel Manager)

Notes: Terence Alexander would later cross paths with another interplanetary traveler when he played the historical figure Lord Ravensworth in the 1985 Doctor Who story Mark Of The Rani.

LogBook entry by Earl Green