Teresa: Farewell To Love!

Star BlazersWith barely a month and a half to return to Earth and mount what may be a hopeless defense of Earth against the Comet Empire’s onslaught, the crew of the Argo prepares to leave Telezart. But Mark Venture has already given up hope – Trelaina can’t be convinced to join the crew, and she stands by her pledge not to use her tremendous powers. Even when she’s told that the Comet Empire will strike at Telezart itself in only three days, Trelaina doesn’t relent…until Venture says that he will stay there with her instead of returning to the Argo. She comes back to the Argo with him briefly, but returns to her planet as the ship gets underway. Wildstar is grateful, knowing how vital his chief navigator is to the battle ahead, but when Venture learns that Trelaina has remained behind on Telezart, he may have lost his fighting spirit.

Order the DVDswritten by Keisuke Fujikawa & Eiichi Yamamoto
directed by Leiji Matsumoto
music by Hiroshi Miyagawa

Season 2 Voice Cast: Kenneth Meseroll (Derek Wildstar), Tom Tweedy (Mark Venture), Amy Howard (Nova), Eddie Allen (Leader Desslok), Chris Latta (Sgt. Knox), Lydia Leeds (Trelaina), Chris Latta (General Dire), Chris Latta (Captain Gideon), other actors unknown

LogBook entry by Earl Green