Death Struggle: God, Weep For The Gamilas

Star BlazersD minus 164 days: Trapped between an acid sea and acid rain, with Gamilon missiles closing in, Wildstar consults with Captain Avatar one last time. Avatar recommends submerging the Argo long enough to find an undersea volcano – and trigger an eruption with the wave motion gun. IQ-9 locates something that will turn the tide of the whole battle: a volcanic system which, if triggered properly, could turn the already inhospitable Gamilon homeworld into an uninhabitable hell. What Wildstar can’t even imagine is that Desslok’s obsession with destroying the Argo will lead the Gamilon commander to lay his own world to waste.

Order the DVDswritten by Keisuke Fujikawa & Eiichi Yamamoto
directed by Leiji Matsumoto
music by Hiroshi Miyagawa

Season 1 Voice Cast: Kenneth Meseroll (Derek Wildstar), Tom Tweedy (Mark Venture), Amy Howard (Nova), Eddie Allen (Leader Desslok), Lydia Leeds (Starsha), other actors unknown

LogBook entry by Earl Green