Counterstrike: The Discovery Of Teresa!

Star BlazersOn Telezart, Comet Empire robot tanks are giving Knox and the Space Marines heavy resistance. Wildstar brings a heavy missile launcher to the surface from the Argo, but Knox and his men must mount a near-suicidal frontal attack on the tanks to give him time to set the launcher up. When the weapon is fired, the Comet Empire tanks are quickly dealt with, but when Wildstar, Venture and the others try to reach Trelaina on foot, they find that the Empire isn’t about to give up so easily. Meanwhile, Desslock realizes that Princess Invidia is setting him up…but trying to convince her father of that fact will be no easy matter.

Order the DVDswritten by Keisuke Fujikawa & Eiichi Yamamoto
directed by Leiji Matsumoto
music by Hiroshi Miyagawa

Season 2 Voice Cast: Kenneth Meseroll (Derek Wildstar), Tom Tweedy (Mark Venture), Amy Howard (Nova), Eddie Allen (Leader Desslok), Chris Latta (Sgt. Knox), Lydia Leeds (Trelaina), Chris Latta (General Dire), Chris Latta (Captain Gideon), other actors unknown

Note: Teresa was Trelaina’s character in the original Japanese version of this season.

LogBook entry by Earl Green