Charge! Sink The Yamato!

Star BlazersThe Cosmo Fighter pilots – along with Sgt. Knox, who has stolen one of the Argo’s fighters – capture a lone Comet Empire fighter with its pilot aboard. Dr. Sane is stunned to find that everything about the Comet Empire pilot, apart from his green skin, is identical to the average human. Under interrogation, the alien answers no questions, and Orion begins to worry that maybe the Argo’s visitor was planted in the ship’s path, intended to be found by the crew. And Knox doesn’t want the pilot alive at all, fully intending to kill the man to avenge the Space Marines killed on Brumis. Wildstar orders the prisoner returned to Dr. Sane’s custody, but the man escapes, trying to return to a nearby Comet Empire attack fleet. When they refuse him permission to rejoin them, the alien pilot does something no one expects.

Order the DVDswritten by Keisuke Fujikawa & Eiichi Yamamoto
directed by Leiji Matsumoto
music by Hiroshi Miyagawa

Season 2 Voice Cast: Kenneth Meseroll (Derek Wildstar), Tom Tweedy (Mark Venture), Amy Howard (Nova), Eddie Allen (Leader Desslok), Chris Latta (Sgt. Knox), Lydia Leeds (Trelaina), Chris Latta (General Dire), Chris Latta (Captain Gideon), other actors unknown

LogBook entry by Earl Green