Blast Off To The Unknown!

Star BlazersCommander Singleton of the EDF learns of the Argo crew’s return to their old ship, and demands that they disembark and return to their Earthbound duties. With the EDF expecting Wildstar to steal the Argo, a quick, decisive launch is necessary – but two key crew members, Mark Venture and Nova, have yet to report to the Argo. Wildstar gives the blastoff order anyway, and the Argo must fight its way through Earth’s own defenses to make orbit. But once there, a new challenge stands before the Star Force – the better-armed Andromeda has been ordered to keep them from escaping.

Order the DVDswritten by Keisuke Fujikawa & Eiichi Yamamoto
directed by Leiji Matsumoto
music by Hiroshi Miyagawa

Season 2 Voice Cast: Kenneth Meseroll (Derek Wildstar), Tom Tweedy (Mark Venture), Amy Howard (Nova), Eddie Allen (Leader Desslok), Chris Latta (Sgt. Knox), Lydia Leeds (Trelaina), Chris Latta (General Dire), Chris Latta (Captain Gideon), other actors unknown

LogBook entry by Earl Green