Save Epsilon 6!

Space ForceThe $6,000,000,000 Epsilon 6 satellite, which includes a net to snare enemy spy satellites in nearby space, has been disassembled by a Chinese space station in orbit, and General Mark Naird is furious. Dr. Mallory convenes a team of mission scientists and engineers to brainstorm solutions, but Naird quickly pins all of his hopes on a nearby satellite with a crew of its own – a chimpanzee and a dog – who he hopes can be coaxed into performing a spacewalk and performing the necessary repairs. Marcus the chimp is convinced by his trainer to don his helmet, gather the necessary tool, and exit the airlock to re-attach Epsilon 6’s solar panels. The repair mission doesn’t go as planned…and the backup plan to send the dog out to complete the work leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth – everyone except the chimp, that is.

written by Greg Daniels
directed by Tom Marshall
music by Carter Burwell

Space ForceCast: Steve Carell (Gen. Mark Naird), John Malkovitch (Dr. Adrian Mallory), Ben Schwartz (F. Tony Scarapiducci), Diana Silvers (Erin Naird), Tawny Newsome (Angela Ali), Diedrich Bader (General Rongley), Dan Bakkedahl (John Blandsmith), Don Lake (Brad Gregory), Fred Willard (Fred Naird), Jimmy O. Yang (Dr. Chan Kaifang), Paul Jurewicz (Dewey Pantowski), Punam Patel (Scientist), Alex Sparrow (Yuri “Bobby” Telatovich), Exir Booker (Dr. Carter), Samuel K. Hardie (voice of Marcus), Nancy Lantis (Dr. Wolf), Rahul Nath (Dr. Chandreshekar), Thomas Ohrstrom (Dr. Vandeveld), Jamison Webb (Major Lee Baxter), Craig Young (Marcus MoCap performer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green