My Favorite Marcia

Space AcademyThe Seeker sets out to observe a white dwarf star nearing its supernova stage, but the slightly risky mission becomes truly dangerouns when a distress signal is detected on a world perilously close to the soon-to-explode star. The Seeker goes to assist, finding an automated distress beacon from a ship Gampu knows all too well – his old rival (and old flame), prospector Marcia Giddings, has been looking for precious minerals here. Worse yet, Loki and Peepo defy orders to stay put on Space Academy, and have stowed away aboard the Seeker. They find Marcia before Gampu does, discovering that she’s been trapped in this precarious situation by a huge robot. Marcia proposes fighting robot with robot, using Peepo to free herself.

written by Ted Pedersen and Martha Humphreys
directed by Jeffrey Hayden
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael and Horta-Mahana

Space AcademyCast: Jonathan Harris (Commander Gampu), Pamelyn Ferdin (Laura), Ric Carrott (Chris), Ty Henderson (Paul), Maggie Cooper (Adrian), Brian Tochi (Tee Gar), Eric Greene (Loki), Dena Dietrich (Marcia Giddings), Peepo (himself)

Notes: The “galactic distress beacon” siren heard in Academy Control is the same sound effect Filmation used in the animated Star Trek series. The venerable Robbie The Robot prop/costume from Forbidden Planet makes an appearance (having appeared in an early episode of Filmation’s previous live-action SF series, Ark II, a year before), this time with a different head than is usually seen on the prop.

LogBook entry by Earl Green